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Implemented consulting sectors

• Consulting to set up Terms of Reference (TOR) of special subject of impacts on livelihood when displacing and resettling, impacts on terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, water environment, air environment by projects construction and operation process,....;

• Carrying out pre-project ambient environment survey and observation, and consulting to establish special reports on natural environment (water, air, terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, ecology,…), and eco-social environment (resettlement plan, livelihood rehabilitation, social safety policy, gender policy, public consultation,…); 

• Consulting to establish report on environmental impact assessment (EIA) for many projects, belonging to industry, agriculture, plan with national scale, including home and international, submitted at province and ministry level. Over 20 reports on EIA are approved by Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment. Many reports are passed by international financial organizations (ADB, WB, JBIC, JICA…).    

 • Consulting to establish resettlement overall plan; surveying and investigating to map of soil, ecological adaptation, rural agriculture.   

• Consulting to establish socio-environmental documents (EMDP, EMP, RP) for projects using international financial organizations’ loan such as WB, ADB, JICA. JBIC…

• Consulting in hydrological survey and measurement, and engineering meteo-hydrological calculation for projects of hydropower, wind power, irrigation, traffic,… with small ÷ large class, even very large; from plan stage to detailed drawings.

• Appraising environmental, resettlement and hydrological documents and reports.

Experts and Equipments Capacity

- Over 20 experts are Masters of Science and Engineers with 7 ÷ 20 experienced years in environmental consultation, and hydrological calculation and survey sectors. Expert staff of Center acts in many majors such as Water Environment, Air Environment, Hydrology, Ecological Environment,  Water and Air Treatment Technology, Sociology, Agriculture, Soil Science, Law,...;

- Besides experienced expert staff, Center is equipped enough equipment serving investigation and survey on Water Environment, Air Environment, Hydrology,...

Technology of Calculation

·  Applying models to calculate and forecast pollutant diffusion into air environment, water environment, ...

·  Applying WASP, WERA software to calculate wind resources.

·  Applying Tank and Nam models to calculate flow in basin. 

·  Applying Mike 11, HEC-RAS software to calculate river’s and river system’ hydraulic properties, ....

·  Applying HEC-HMS software to calculate flood in basin.

·  Applying HEC-6, HEC-RAS software to calculate reservoir sedimentation process.


- Ninh Thuan 1 Nuclear Power Plant (2.000MW), development of site approval dossier and environment impact assessment including: Engineering Environmental survey, sampling and analyzing environmental components (ambient air, surface continent water, coastal sea water, ground water, surface soil, bottom sediment, aquatic biota, vegetation,…) and study of fauna and flora. Engineering-hydro-meteorological survey.

- Infrastructure Project of Ninh Thuan nuclear power plants.  

- Hydropowers (HPs) in Vietnam such as Buon Tua Srah HP with an installed capacity of 84 MW, Srepok4 HP (80MW), Srepok4A HP (64 MW), Trung Son HP (260MW), Nho Que 1&2 HP, Bac Ai Pumped Storage HP (1,200MW),… Se Kong HP (150 MW) in Cambodia, Lao power planning...         

- Cong Thanh thermal power plant (TPP), Vung Anh 3 TPP. 

- Wind resources measurement and survey serving wind power plants planning in Central Coastal Provinces, Hai Ninh wind power plant, An Phong wind power plant, Lien Nghia - Tran Đe wind power plant (in Soc Trang province)…

Transmission line projects such as Quang Ninh - Thuong Tin 500kV T/L, Thuong Tin 500kV Substation, Quy Nhon - Tuy Hoa 220kV T/L, Tuy Hoa - Nha Trang 220kV T/L, Pleiku – Cau Bong 500kV T/L, Đak Nong 500kV Substation, 500kV T/L connecting to Thang Long TPP, Pho Noi 500kV Substation…

Scope of Activities
  ♦   Transmission Lines
  ♦   Transfomer Station
  ♦   Thermal Power and Nuclear Power
  ♦   Renewable Energy
  ♦   Hydropower Plants
  ♦   Environment
  ♦   Investigation Consultancy
  ♦   Laboratory

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